My main areas of interest are front-end development and technical leadership.

I am constantly seeking to improve my skills and knowledge, and I am always eager to learn about new technologies. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and dive into the technical details, always striving to understand how things work. I try to be as open-minded as possible, and I believe that every technology or framework has something valuable to offer.

I began my career with .NET/C# back in 2008/2009, but I have since shifted my focus towards front-end development. While I still enjoy working on the technical side of things, I am now more interested in exploring the role of a Staff+ engineer and how I can contribute to technical leadership for greater impact in the organization.

In 2019 and 2023, I had the pleasure of being involved in organizing the Revo.js conference - a not-for-profit event held in Timișoara, Romania.

Sometimes I present at smaller events, and I’ve been invited to a few podcasts or even hosted workshops:

  • Technical leadership for individual contributors @ tim.js meetup
  • How to be a senior developer @ BudapestJS
  • How to be a senior developer @ Sibiu Web Meetup
  • Technical leadership: who, what & how @ JsHeroes meetup
  • Adrian Fâciu @ “Zeamă de Developer” podcast
  • Beyond senior @ All-stack hangout
  • What it means to be a senior developer - lightning talk @ tim.js meetup
  • SPA, SSR, SSG: How Remix gets the best of all worlds @ tim.js meetup
  • Sharing code at runtime: module federation @ tim.js meetup
  • TypeScript @ internal WeVideo presentation
  • Web components with LitElement @ tim.js meetup
  • Web components for everyone @ Codecamp Timisoara
  • NgRx Tips & Tricks @ Voxxed Days Frontend Bucharest
  • NgRx Workshop @ Voxxed Days Frontend Bucharest
  • Adrian Fâciu @ My Angular Story podcast
  • Taking Angular offline @ tim.js meetup
  • NgRx Tips & Tricks @ Adventures in Angular podcast
  • Barrel files: to use or not to use @ tim.js meetup
  • Angular state management (2 days) @ internal Visma workshop
  • Angular Workshop (3 days) @ internal Visma workshop

I have a variety of hobbies like hiking, running, playing board and video games, and taking photos. Every month, I discover a new one!